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What a great business to work with!!! I was having issues with my dishwasher and had to run it twice to have my dishes cleaned. The technician that came to my house was professional and after a little while showed me that the dish washers soap compartment was not functioning properly!!

They could have highlighted some other problem but didn’t and fixed my dish washer to perfection. Will surely use again and recommend highly!! Ajay S.

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We provide service all over California. If you don't see your area, contact us anyway, because we can likely still get you scheduled for service!

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Types And Brands Of Appliances We Fix

From refrigerators to washers, dryers, dishwashers and everything in between, we can diagnose the problem and fix it.

We specialize in fixing every brand of appliance domestic and European including Bosch, LG, Whirlpool, Sub-Zero, Wolf, Kenmore, Kitchen Aid, Viking and many more.

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Home Appliance Repair

Appliances are the cornerstones of modern life. They are built to perform and without them people would have to cook in the open fire or even wash their cloths by hand. The folks at Oakland Appliance Repair appliances work year after year without many problems and thus the reason why most people take them for granted. The breakdown of an appliance would lead to great loss. Most of us do not know how our appliances work, no idea on why they stopped working and no idea on how to fix them. You can either fix the problem yourself or call an appliance repair technician to do it for you. 

With major appliance repair it is not always obvious where the malfunction is. When it comes to repairing major appliances, always make sure the electric power or the gas supply is off before. If most of the parts are held together with bolts, screws, plugs or other take apart fasteners, you can do the repair yourself but if most of the parts are held together with welds and rivets, call for professional services. Malfunctioning parts should be replaced with new parts made especially for those parts. 

Household appliances play a major role in the overall comfort within your home. This is the reason why residential appliance repair is very important. The following are the major types of appliance repairs offered by major companies;

· Dishwashers

Dish racks have plastic coating that may wear off resulting in rust and corrosion. A damaged rack can be capped with a slip-on rubber tips and liquid rubber for any metal. The rust is removed with sandpaper or sanding block before the repair material can be applied. Your dishwasher’s spry arm holes may become clogged with glass, toothpicks and papers for example. For better performance, clean out the holes from time to time with hot water. The filter should be cleaned on regular basis. 

· Refrigerators 

Refrigerators are the most importance appliance in any kitchen today. Failure of a fridge can have an impact on the quality of food inside and its safety. The temperatures of your refrigerated food should never rise below the safety zone. When the units stop cooling repairs should be done immediately to avoid food poisoning. Replacing a malfunctioning part of your fridge will save you a lot of money than buying a new one. 

· Oven repair

When your oven malfunctions or breaks down, you are faced with various decisions. You do not know whether to buy a new one or simply call for an oven repair services. Calling a reliable oven repair service is much cheaper. Look for services that are dependable, competitively priced and long lasting. When your oven is producing uneven or no heat at all it requires some repairs. You can consider replacing the following parts which include fuses, door gasket, oven thermostat, heating elements and gas ignition systems and pilot lights. 

· Washing machines

The breakdown of a washing machine when you are only halfway through a load of laundry can be very disappointing. The problem could be due to malfunctions in the water pumps, timer, motor, drivers pulleys and belts, lid switch and water inlet valve. You can get your washer working like new again by repairing the mentioned parts. 

· Dryers 

Technology has greatly improved capacity we care for our clothes. Tearing and wearing off of a dryer may require some of the parts to be replaced. Look for a company that guarantees the quality of its work. Your dryer can be repaired by replacing some of the following parts which include heating element, drum bearing, motor, thermostat, door switch and door gasket for example. Before spending a lot of more in buying a new dryer, always try repair services. 

· Small appliance repair

Small appliances include small machines in our work environments. It consists of simple heating elements fans and sets of blades for example. These appliances may have more than two mechanical linkages and their repairs are correspondingly simple. 

Getting the best appliance repair company is very tricky and tasking. The following tips will help you when choosing a local appliance repair company;

· Don’t rush

Despite the immediate need for a repair in your home, a hasty decision on an appliance repair company would cost more. Most appliances use electricity and thus the reason you should never take chances when searching for a repair company. Ensure that the appliance repair company is the best you could get. 

· Ask around

Before settling for any company, ask your neighbors. Call your friends, family members, neighbors and anyone else in your locality and ask them to give you a lowdown on local companies they have used in the past. Ask them if their prices were reasonable, if they were happy with the quality of work, whether they were professional and whether they would use them again. 

· Research online

Apart from asking friends, you need to do your own research. This will help you to get personal satisfaction is there is no one person who knows all the good companies. Search for great sites online with local appliance repair companies and use it to the maximum. 

· Do not decide based on price alone

Always remember that cheap is expensive and therefore you should not always go with the cheapest company. Ensure that you know the reason why they are charging low prices. Keep in mind that you do not have to pay the highest price in order to get quality work either. Find a company with a good overall combination of price, knowledge and experience by asking questions. 

· Avoid special offers

Professionals will always ask for pay for their expertise and time. You have to pay for the knowledge you do not have. Never get caught up in repair companies that claim they won’t charge you service fee. A genuine and reliable company will always charge for service visits because this time would have been used to make money elsewhere. Stick with good appliance repair companies. 

· Is the company bonded or insured

A good appliance repair company should have secured funds in case a customer makes a claim against them. Look for insured companies because you may be liable for injury on a person or property if the company you are working with is not insured. Ask if the company is insured. 

When repairing your appliance, you have to consider its age, price and warranty. Always practice preventive maintenance to ensure that your appliances are running smoothly. For preventive maintenance and proper use, ensure that you read the operational manual that comes with the appliance. 

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