About Oakland CA


How much time do you have? Because it will take a lot of time to peel back the layers of culture, art and entertainment you will find in Oakland, California. Located North of San Francisco with a population peaking at just over 400,000, Oakland, California has a lot more to offer than catching a fly ball from major league baseball team the Oakland A’s.

Oakland is the third largest city in the San Francisco Bay area with the nickname of “The Town.” due to being a hop skip and a jump away from the infamous city of San Francisco. The Town calls to all people and from all walks of life. There are so many things to do here in “The Town” you won’t want to leave.

Looking for something to do? You can find anything from the best farmers markets this side of Fisherman’s Wharf to egg noodles from Little China. If the outdoors is your thing you can go for a hike. A really short trip to the Redwood Regional Park will blow you away. Especially if you hike the 7.9 mile French Trail loop. If you prefer playing in the water instead of the forest, you can take a dip in Lake Merritt, America’s largest urban saltwater lake.

After you have taken in all of the beauty of nature and all of the wonders you can always head back into the city to enjoy the art, live music and the food. Art is a huge part of Oakland and it is quite apparent that no museum can contain the beauty and wonder that you will find outside painted on an open canvass. Oakland has tons of murals that cover the many different canvasses from brick walls to sides of builds to tunnels and train cars. The trick is to keep your eyes open as you explore the city and admire the talent of the street artists.

Halloween is awesome in and around the city. Hop on the BART and head into San Francisco for a bit of spooky fun and a haunted adventure at the historical prison of Alcatraz. Perhaps you would prefer to jump in your car and travel down to San Jose to explore the Winchester Mystery Mansion 46 minutes away. The mansion is the home of Sarah Winchester who went crazy trying to keep the spirits who as she puts it “were killed from her husband’s Winchester guns.” Every year the museum does a flashlight tour. A must for the ghost hunter and for a frighteningly good time.

If sightseeing isn’t your thing but food, good friends and beer are, you can travel to the Diving Dog. This beer pub is the only one in town that lets you bottle your own beer. Just remember to drink responsibly. While you are at it, explore the nightlife at Jack London Square with all the live music and amazing food. Inside and outside of Oakland, California there is a ton of things to see and do. The biggest limit you may have to face is time.

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